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Shopping Cart for Special Needs Families Coming to Target

Shopping Cart for Special Needs Families Coming to Target

A shopping cart especially made for children with special needs is coming to Target stores soon.

Going out shopping with a child can be challenging enough for parents, but imagine what it’s like when the child has special needs, or must make use of a wheelchair. If the child is too big to fit into the usual tiny seat within a standard shopping cart, found at most shopping establishments, what’s a struggling parent to do?

One couple took matters into their own hands after years of shopping frustration. Drew Ann and David Long have two children, a toddler and an older daughter who uses a wheelchair. While shopping at her local supermarket, Drew Ann had lots of trouble maneuvering through the store with the cart and her daughter’s wheelchair. So she came up with Caroline’s Carts, named after her daughter.

These innovative carts come with a large forward-facing seat to accommodate kids with special needs or disabilities and can be used for adults with special challenges, as well. The person using the cart will be able to push the child in their care, while they shop, with safety and ease. And next month, superstore Target will begin offering them for patrons in most of their locations!

According to the Caroline's Cart website, it is "Drew Ann's hope is that one day all retailers will provide an equal opportunity shopping experience for parents and caregivers of special needs children by furnishing them the option of a Caroline’s Cart. All families deserve to have this option, so they can enjoy the freedom of shopping with their special needs child."

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