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Pediatric Occupational Therapy Center Opens Orangeburg Location

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Center Opens Orangeburg Location

Special Programs in Occupational Therapy Services is now open in Orangeburg.

SPOTS, Special Programs in Occupational Therapy Services, opened a location in Orangeburg in September, which serves children ages 1½-16 and their families.

At SPOTS, children work with occupational therapists to improve motor, social, fine, and gross skills, including self-regulation, handwriting, and social skills. The occupational therapists help children who may be struggling in school or at home, or who may have trouble participating in their daily environment. The occupational therapists do this by helping children develop strategies and adapt to promote functional involvement during play, at school, and at home.

“The occupational therapists at SPOTS are committed to fostering each child’s growth, self-esteem, and sense of accomplishment in partnership with their parents and teachers,” says Amy Hagopian, an occupational therapist at the new Orangeburg location. “We accomplish this by working with each child’s individuality, creativity, and curiosity, and improving their areas of difficulty.”

SPOTS Orangeburg is open Sunday-Friday by appointment and is divided into two areas: the gross motor/sensory room and the fine motor/handwriting room. Children can play in the calming and well-organized waiting area, which is decorated in friendly and bright primary colors and full of books for all ages.

Sessions at SPOTS are individual or group-based, depending on the subject and need. Classes such as social skills and handwriting are group-based and size is dependent on need but never exceeds five children. Evaluations are also offered to assess a child’s strengths and needs and are followed by a private discussion between the parents and examiner.

SPOTS is also located in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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Main image: SPOTS has been in Rockland for three years, but it moved to Orangeburg in September.
Courtesy Special Programs in Occupational Therapy Services