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Kids Are Spreading Positivity Amid Coronavirus with Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Kids Are Spreading Positivity Amid Coronavirus with Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Rainbows Over Nassau and Suffolk County and Beyond, a rainbow scavenger hunt, is spreading positivity throughout the New York metro area.

As we all know, kids are resilient. New Yorkers are now seeing this in kids' ability to maintain positivity during these uncertain and scary times. A Facebook group started by Long Island moms Katherine Schilling, Nicole Sapienza, and Danielle Arcuri called "Rainbows All Over Nassau and Suffolk Counties and Beyond" invites kids to put rainbows in their windows for families to find when walking around the neighborhood. It's an easy way for families to get outside, walk around, and a fun family activity to do while maintaining social distancing. 

The Facebook group now has over 44,000 members (and growing). Families all over Long Island and beyond are showcasing their rainbow art projects in the form of chalk drawings, paintings, cut-outs, and other craft projects for others to spot while getting some fresh air. 

"You can hunt in the windows. You can take the kids for a drive if you're not comfortable walking out on the street," Sapienza told Good Morning America. "It's pretty tough for a lot of people right now to be contained. To be able to reach out to neighbors and find a community interest has been amazing."

Staten Island mom Jeannette Catherine even spread the idea to Staten Island with her Facebook group "Rainbows Over Staten Island and Beyond." Plus, there's an interactive Google Map called Rainbow Connection, where you can see the locations of even more rainbows in the New York metro area—and around the globe!

The art projects keep kids busy and also provide a sign of positivity for New York families to look out for. Your kids can join in on the fun and you can share their creations by joining the Facebook group.

Main image credit: Staten Island Parent

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