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NYC Students’ Weight Loss Affected by School Water Dispensers

NYC Students’ Weight Loss Affected by School Water Dispensers

Nearly 40% of New York City children are either overweight or obese. This is a staggering number, and researchers at NYC Langone Medical Center, New York University’s Institute for Education and Social Policy, and the Center for Policy Research at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs decided to do something about it.

A recent study published Jan. 19th in JAMA Pediatrics analyzed over 1 million students in 1,227 elementary schools across New York City, comparing students whose schools had water dispensers or “water jets” with those that did not. The water jets are essentially clear, electronic jugs with an easy-to-use lever to dispense water.

The study found that the kids with access to more water over a 3-month study period had a lower BMI (Body Mass Index) than the kids without water jets in their schools. In addition, boys saw a .9% reduction in the chance of becoming overweight and girls clocked in at a .6% chance – all due to the availability of water in their school. 

The water jets, which cost about $1,000 per piece would make a huge impact on the heath of NYC kids – money well spent and low-cost in the scheme of school budgets. Without the water jets, kids quench their thirst with higher calorie beverages such as milk, juice, and soda, leading to extra pounds and poorer health.

What do you think of this finding? Seems so simple, yet so impactful.

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