Studio E Art Classes Opens New Pottery Room, Offers More Classes

Studio E Art Classes Opens New Pottery Room, Offers More Classes

Students ages 9 and up are invited to learn how to throw on a pottery wheel!

Studio E Art Classes, an art education center located in Miller Place, has opened a new pottery room and is now offering more children’s ceramics classes.

The 600-square-foot room opened on September 15 and features eight high-powered pottery wheels and more than 100 glazes. The room can hold up to 25 students during class time.

The ceramics classes offered are ideal for children ages 9 and older. The first thing students learn is how to throw clay into a cylinder shape. Once this skill is mastered, students can start experimenting with different shapes to create more advanced pieces such as vases, bowls, and teapots.

Children ages 5 to 8 don't have to miss out on the fun! Studio E offers hand-building classes for younger children where they learn to make pottery without using a wheel. Here, students use only their hands to roll, coil, and pinch clay to create their projects.

Students of both hand-building and wheel techniques learn about the kiln, a very high-temperature furnace that is an essential part of making pottery. They also learn how to glaze their final projects.

Pottery is a creative art that offers many benefits for children, according to Michelle Stylianou, co-owner of the studio. It has a calming effect that requires focus, which is especially beneficial for children with attention disorders, and helps improve self esteem. Stylianou co-owns the 2,000-square-foot studio with her husband Stelios.

“They're learning patience, how to plan for something. They're learning that this is not an immediate kind of thing, it's a process,” says Stylianou. “For students with anxiety, it could be a really nice release because almost everyone finds success with hand-building, it's really hard to do it wrong. It's something everybody can be successful at, therefore it's building self esteem for students.”

Classes are scheduled in eight-week sessions and take place once a week. In addition to ceramics, the studio offers other art classes for both children and adults, and summer camp programs.

While Studio E Arts Classes has been in Miller Place since 1991, the Stylianous took over as owners in 2012. All children's classes are taught and overseen by New York state-certified art teachers.

Registration for late spring and summer ceramics classes is open. More information is available on the website.

Image: A ceramic teapot with a purple glaze, created by Studio E students.
Courtesy: Studio E