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Summer Camps That Offer Swimming for Campers in Brooklyn

Summer Camps That Offer Swimming for Campers in Brooklyn

Find summer camps in Brooklyn with daily or weekly swimming.

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In addition to being a fun activity during the hot summer months, learning to swim has another big benefit: Children also learn how to be safe when they’re in and near the water. If your child hasn’t yet mastered the skill of swimming safely, there are numerous camps in Brooklyn that offer learn-to-swim programs, as well as daily swimming for fun. We’ve compiled a list of summer camps in Brooklyn that offer swimming on a regular basis, including day and specialty camps in Mill Basin, Marine Park, Bay Ridge, Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, and Windsor Terrace.

92Y Camps
1395 Lexington Ave.; New York, NY | Upper East Side

Campers swim twice daily: [1] Red Cross-certified swim instruction, and [2] free swim. We have three large pools; two are used for teaching. We evaluate swim skills during the first week, and then place campers in an appropriate group. The pools are staffed by water safety instructors and certified lifeguards.

Camp Clio
YMCA Camp Jewell 6 Prock Hill Road Colebrook, CT

Camp Clio
YMCA Camp Jewell 6 Prock Hill Road Colebrook, CT

What's better than swimming on a hot summer day? Improve your stroke, learn to breathe to the side, learn to swim, or just to blow bubbles with our lifeguard instructors.

274 Garfield Place, Park Slope

CBE KIDS CAMPS is one of the few facilities that hosts it's own indoor pool. Campers have instructional swim and free swim three days per week.

Mill Basin Day Camp
5945 Strickland Ave., Mill Basin

Brooklyn's largest pool with four exciting pool slides. Varying in depths for beginner to advanced swim levels, and certified Red Cross instruction with our 12 instructors and lifeguards.

New York Surf School
Beach 69th St.

We do not teach swimming, we will improve strength, technique and endurance in the ocean. Teach water safety and ocean awareness. We will also teach appreciation of ocean life, and may have a chance to see dolphins cruise by.

Park Slope Day Camp
Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Carroll Gardens, and Bay Ridge

Our highly trained aquatic staff instructs our campers in a variety of activities: instructional swim, beach days, water parks, and more!

The Learnatory
St. Joseph’s College 245 Clinton Ave.

PS 20 Playground has a mini pool where campers can cool off and enjoy recreational swim.

Treasure Island
347 74th St., Bay Ridge

On-site water-based play along with daily sprinkler activities are offered. Campers will need to bring bathing suits daily to the program.

Urban Explorers Day Camp
3832 Flatlands Ave.

We have developed a program with a local YMCA where their certified Red Cross lifeguards work directly with our children on water safety and swimming instruction. Not every child will become a swimmer, but every child will learn how to approach the water and enjoy their experience.

YMCA Summer Camps
Locations across Brooklyn

It's not summer without a trip to the pool! At YMCA Summer Camps, children of all swimming abilities will have fun while learning valuable water safety skills. All types of splish-splashing fun will be had under the careful watch of trained lifeguards and aquatics staff.

Young People’s Day Camp

Swimming will take place at least twice a week at a local pool in Brooklyn. There may be some special trips to the beach planned as well.

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