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How Moms Are Staying Cool for the Summer and Other Quotables

How Moms Are Staying Cool for the Summer and Other Quotables

Summer means warm, sunny weather, spending lots of time outdoors, and making quality memories together as a family now that the kids are out of school. We asked moms around the New York City region how they plan to spend summer with their own kids, whether it’s taking a trip, visiting them at camp, or heading to the beach. We also found proof that the heat can sometimes drive us crazy to the point where our patience wears thin when we try to put the kids to bed. Over everything, it’s the little moments we spend with our kids that count the most. Enjoy your summer, and most importantly, stay hydrated! 


What are you most looking forward to doing this summer with your kids? 

“Nothing! Having four kids means making four lunches and driving to four different after-school activities. I’m looking forward to taking a break and enjoying spending some quality time as a family doing nothing.”

–Sabrina Marquez, Haverstraw

 “We take a trip every summer to the Poconos. This year my husband’s family will be joining too and I’m so excited about slowing things down a bit and getting away from our busy Brooklyn neighborhood.”

–Corrina Inez, Williamsburg

 “My oldest daughter will be attending camp for the first time. I’m excited to visit her on Parent’s Day and learn about all the great things she is experiencing. Camp was such a special time in my life and I’m happy to share that with my daughter.”

–Rachel Fisher, Manhattan

 “I love taking my kids to the playground in the summer, especially at dusk, when the sun is starting to set but it’s still warm out. It’s just one of those uniquely New York experiences, being outside in the city at night with kids. It’s almost magical.”

–Lisa Terk, Long Island City

The beaches on Long Island are where it’s at during the summer. This summer my kids are learning to surf, so I can’t wait to see them on their boards!”

–Christine Feldenberg, Smithtown


Battling Bedtime 

“Because on those nights, when that sweet little girl asks for one more thing (whether it’s another glass of water or another book or another snuggle), she doesn’t understand. She doesn’t understand that for the last two hours, you said “please eat your dinner” and “please stop falling off of your chair” and “yes, you need to eat at least once carrot” and “we don’t slap each other’s butts at the table”… and then you washed the hair of a small human who writhed in pain and spit fire at you as shampoo clearly is a form of torture and then wrestled him into pajama bottoms as he tried wriggling away in a 10-minute long game of pretending to be a slippery eel.”

–Karen Johnson in a post entitled “Why I F*cking Hate Bedtime,” on


Stay Cool When It’s HOT Outside!

“Whenever high heat and humidity reach critical levels, any activities that last 15 minutes or more should not be too intense. Before prolonged physical activity (think baseball, soccer, or any kind of running), your child should be well hydrated. During the activity, make sure your child drinks periodically, even if he is not thirsty.”

–Danielle Sullivan in an article entitled “Outdoor Summer Safety For Kids


The Beauty of Being Unplugged

Geanine Cilenti

in an instagram

Long work weeks allow me to appreciate these moments that much more. I live for the moment that I get to unplug and sneak away with my little people to explore, discover, and take in the beauty of nature. What I have realized is minus the devices I barely have to use my motivational mom voice.

(Posted by @geaninecilenti aka Bronx mom, Geanine Cilenti)


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