Tips for Throwing a Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party

Tips for Throwing a Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party

Plan a Super Bowl party that is fun for the whole family, including the young children, with these tips that will bring games, arts and crafts, and sweet treats to the game-day party.

Have a Super Bowl party that is appropriate for both adults and kids of the family by bringing in arts and crafts, fun-to-make desserts, and games. Here are Game Day tips that will help you plan a winning party:

Pre-game Warmup

  1. Football necklaces
    Make football-shaped necklaces with cardstock, foam board, or construction paper. Complete the look with sewn laces using a hole puncher and white yarn. Add another hole at both ends of the ball, loop with yarn and tie string ends together.

  2. Team flags
    Cut triangles out of construction paper in the team colors and decorate them with markers, crayons, glitter, and paint. Glue the finished flags to a wooden dowel or hang them up around the room as a banner.

  3. Paper pom-poms
    Cut various colored tissue paper into small strips. Gather paper towel and toilet paper holders, and have the kids tape the ends with colored tissue. Bring out at rally time.

  4. Football cookies
    Use a football cookie cutter to cut your classic cookie dough into football-shaped cookies. Provide the kids with some options for frosting and sprinkles and allow them to decorate.

Game-Time Fun

  1. "I Spy"
    Have the kids search for items or objects during the game starting with letters of the alphabet. To make it challenging, designate a section of the alphabet each quarter that they can count. (First Quarter: A-G; Second Quarter: H-M, etc.) See which quarter has the most objects spied.

  2. Team BINGO.
    Create BINGO cards with the players and coaches from each team. If the person is shown on TV during the game, they can fill in that square. Be prepared for the shout-outs of BINGO! Want a challenge? Play coveralls, postage stamps, "X" or other types of BINGO.

  3. Commercial counting.
    Assign each child an object or animal. When watching the commercials, they get a point every time their object or animal appears on-screen. The trick is that they have to find it.

Half-Time Activities and Games:

  1. Crab football
    This may require you to be more active than you'd like, but the kids will love it -- and it will burn off a few chicken wings. Instead of "crab soccer" you have to hold the cushy football with your neck, knees, or armpits and get into your opponents' end zone by walking like a crab. If your ball gets knocked down, it's anyone's game. Play kids versus adults, family versus family or boys versus girls.

  2. Game trivia
    Want a challenge? Break up into teams and try to figure out which NFL team matches these clues. Fastest team to finish could be awarded a fun prize. (Don't worry: here's the answer key.) If your kids are too young for this, they can help hand out the prizes.

  3. Sunday sundaes
    Half-time is the perfect time for a sweet treat. Create a station where kids can create their own ice cream sundae with toppings, spinkles, sauces, and ice cream.

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