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Teens Can Now Volunteer at White Plains Public Library This Summer

Teens Can Now Volunteer at White Plains Public Library This Summer

Three different opportunities will be available to teens looking to give back and gain experience this summer.

With summer around the corner, teenagers are probably looking to firm up plans and solidify volunteering gigs. If your teen wants to give back to his community or try something new with her summer, White Plains Public Library is offering three different volunteering opportunities for teens in grades seven through 12 and nine through 12. Programming includes teaming up with children to help them learn how to read, earning community service hours in the Edge Media Lab, and guiding elementary school-aged children through STEM activities.

The library says “Reading Buddies” is one of its patrons’ favorite volunteer activities. Teens in grades nine through 12 can help younger kids learn how to read from July 8–August 7. Sessions will run on Mondays between 2–5pm, Tuesdays from 4–7pm, and Wednesdays from 2–5pm. Interested teens must fill out an application by June 7, then attend one of two training sessions. Volunteers must be able to volunteer at least one day per week for four out of the five session weeks, and be White Plains residents.

In the “Do Gooders” program, teens in grades seven through 12 can earn community service hours through different projects that benefit different local organizations. Sessions run on Tuesdays from 3–5pm from July 9–August 13 in the library’s Edge Media Lab. “Do Gooders” is supported by the Allstate Foundation.

If they choose to volunteer with the “STEM Buddies” program, teens in grades nine through 12 will guide small groups of younger kids through exploring the library’s STEM activities. The program runs for two days in July and two days in August between 4–6:30pm. Applications for “STEM Buddies” are due on June 7, and teens must attend a training session and commit to volunteering twice during the summer.

To fill out an application, head to the White Plains Public Library or visit https://whiteplainslibrary.org/2019/05/teen-volunteers-summer/.

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