Arts Dance Music Camp to Debut in Rego Park This Summer

Arts Dance Music Camp to Debut in Rego Park This Summer


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The DanceSource and Varta Academy of Musical Arts have partnered together to create Arts Dance Music Camp.

Arts Dance Music Camp, created by professional schools The DanceSource and Varta Academy of Musical Arts, will debut this summer in Rego Park, offering different styles in the arts, dance, and music disciplines. The program is aimed at school-age children 5 to 18 years old. Students can dabble in new interests, focus on one or more interests, or immerse themselves in everything that the camp has to offer.

In the arts, students will have the opportunity to learn about water coloring, drawing, and painting. In dance, students will add some flavor to their moves with hip-hop or salsa lessons, or improve their pointe technique in ballet classes. In music, students will master a musical instrument, such as the guitar, or learn how to sing. Other activities include gymnastics, trampoline, sewing, ballroom and modern dance, and musical theater.

“Our Arts Dance Music Camp will be about diversification, incorporating all people of all artistic crafts, and exposing all camp attendees to those crafts,” says Dianna Petty, owner of The DanceSource. “It is far better than having just a dance class or just a music class.”

All activities are designed to be interactive and inclusive. Varta Tchakarian, founder and director of Varta Academy of Musical Arts, will develop all music activities. Petty will create all dance activities, and together they will develop the art offerings.

In speaking about Tchakarian, Petty says, “Her ethics are so in line with what we are doing at The DanceSource—that is why I am so thrilled to be working with Varta. It is about the betterment of the children.” 

Students will have the opportunity to attend half days, full days, partial weeks, or the full seven weeks of the artistic camp. The Arts Dance Music Camp is a brown bag program, but students will be provided with snacks during the day. 

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Main image: School-aged children can attend all or part of the artistic camp’s seven-week program.
Courtesy The DanceSource and Arts Dance Music Camp


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