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The Food Wizard For Kids: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Helps Families

The Food Wizard For Kids: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Helps Families

Gemma Saylor, a registered dietitian nutritionist, launched The Food Wizard For Kids in April.

Through her business, The Food Wizard For Kids, Gemma Saylor, a registered dietitian nutritionist, aims to make healthy eating easy and fun for families. She offers speaking engagements, workshops, and events to help parents and their children learn about and enjoy healthy eating. She also provides healthy weight counseling for families.

“I wanted to make food and nutrition fun," Saylor says. "I feel that cooking and eating and food in general is fun! And I wanted to let other people see that as well. Eating healthy shouldn’t be a chore.”

The Food Wizard For Kids offers workshops that include taste testing and food art to encourage children to try new, healthy foods. Saylor will hold workshops at locations such as preschools, elementary schools, Girl Scout troop meetings, and birthday parties.

“It’s about starting with young children and parents at the age when we can set up good habits for a lifetime,” Saylor says. 

Saylor also offers a Family Night Dinner option in which she will come to your home and help the whole family prepare a nutritious meal, try new foods, eat together, and rediscover conversation.

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She will also help others host a Food Wizard event of their own, such as Moms' Night Out. Saylor guides guests to create simple appetizers that incorporate more fruits and vegetables. She then leads a discussion on how you can prepare a family-friendly dinner and the ways you can present it to children. She'll also answer nutrition questions. 

“I put the enthusiasm back into healthy eating and getting parents to be inspired and not feel that eating healthy is overwhelming,” Saylor says.

The Food Wizard for Kids is based on Long Island. For more information, call 631-606-2680, email [email protected], or visit thefoodwizardforkids.com

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Gemma Saylor, aka "The Food Wizard For Kids," is a registered dietitian nutritionist dedicated to helping families.
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