The Galli Theater Debuts 'Puss in Boots' This Spring

The Galli Theater Debuts 'Puss in Boots' This Spring

The theater brings important life messages to life for children in all of its fairytale shows.

Puss in Boots is making its debut show at the New York City Galli Theater in the Spring of 2019. The show will run March 16, 17, 23, and 24 and 2pm. The show, along with the other fairytale productions Galli Theater puts on, aims to teach children about growth and transformation as well as teach children how to overcome challenges.

The show is about a miller's son who is upset about inheriting a cat, while his brothers inherited what he deemed were better presents. He was ready to make fur gloves out of the cat when the cat convinces him to give him his boots. Hence, "Puss in Boots," who became a true friend to the boy. Puss in Boots begins playing tricks on people in order to make the miller's son rich. He helped turn an ordinary miller's son into a prince. 

While this is a famous fairytale, The Galli Theater hopes children will take away the message, "if you really believe in something, it will become true," according to

The Galli Theater's mission is that "fairytales help people to heal," according to. In addition to performing other fairytale favorites like Snow White and Ali Baba, Galli Theater travels to schools and hospitals to perform. Every show is interactive and asks for children in the audience to help actors find clues, answer questions, and even come on stage. 

For their Dr. Fairytale program, The galli Theater brings the educational and healing values of fairytales and storytelling to seriously ill children and their families in hospitals, crisis areas, and shelters at no cost. The Galli Theater performs at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, The Ronald McDonald House, Bellevue Hospital, Brookdale University Hospital, and Elisabeth Seton Pediatric Center. These shows are funded through donations, which they ask for after every performance at the theater.

Shows are every Saturday and Sunday at 2pm. You can purchase tickets on The Galli Theater website or at the door.

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