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The Learnatory Launches STEAM Summer Camp

The Learnatory Launches STEAM Summer Camp

This summer The Learnatory is launching a STEAM Summer Camp in East Flatbush for children entering first through ninth grades.

From June 29-Aug. 11, The Learnatory will teach children enrolled in its summer camp about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math) through a variety of project-based classes and activities.

"This program is designed specifically to bring STEAM to a community that has to-date been deprived of having some of those experiences," says Debra E. Thompson, M.S., M.O.B., executive director of The Learnatory.

Campers will be split into groups based on grade levels for the STEAM day camp: first through third, fourth through sixth, and seventh through ninth grades will engage in age-appropriate activities together and also have time to socialize.

Some of the hands-on classes include Creating Virtual Reality, Personal Spa Science, The Chemistry of Making Candy, and Video Game Design and Animation.

"Our focus is on bringing the students real-world experiences and addressing problem-solving skills using critical thinking and innovation to help them solve the issues that they'll be confronting in today's workplace and just on a global level," Thompson says.

Personalized tutoring and recreational activities, such as badminton, dance, archery, singing, and soccer, will also be offered during the camp, which will be hosted by The Bible Speaks Church in East Flatbush. 

"We want our students to do three things," Thompson says, "we want them to develop the curiosity to explore, we want them to develop the confidence to discover, and we want them to develop the character to lead with excellence." 

The Learnatory is offering supplemental grants thru May 31.

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Main image: The Learnatory's STEAM Summer Camp will offer classes such as Personal Spa Science and Sci-Fi Slime and Investigations.
Courtesy The Learnatory