The Little Gym Roslyn Gets Facelift with New Owner

The Little Gym Roslyn's new owner recently upgraded the facilities offerings. The gymnastics center in Nassau County now offers a parents' night out, and will soon get new gymnastics equipment.

young girl gymnastics the little gym roslyn

The Little Gym aims to help children develop strength and confidence through learning gymnastics skills.

One of 300 gyms worldwide, The Little Gym of Roslyn is part of a family of gymnastic centers known for it’s fun, supportive environment. The facility teaches children ages 12 months to 12 years fundamental gymnastic skills, helping them to develop strength and confidence from an early age. The Roslyn center’s new owner Kashif Zaidi has been making some big changes since he took over.

“We could do a better job,” Zaidi says.

Since taking over the facility in early August, Zaidi has made leaps of improvements to the center by hiring new staff and adhering to a higher standard of cleanliness. Gymnastic equipment is sanitized after each course, ensuring the safest learning environment for young gymnasts. Also, in an effort to keep improving, Zaidi said he has ordered new equipment that he says will soon be installed.

The Little Gym is looking out for parents, too. At least once a month, the center holds a “Parent Survivor Night” class from 6-9pm in which parents can drop off their kids while they grab dinner, catch a show, or simply relax. More than merely opening up the gym for a babysitting session, Zaidi says the program follows a curriculum filled with activities to help children become engaged and grow. The next class is scheduled for Oct. 11.

With it’s season starting in September and running through June, children are allowed to enroll or cancel their membership anytime throughout the season without paying any penalties or special fees. In addition, The Little Gym provides members a three class introductory experience for only $58. The facility also offers various birthday party options for Saturday and Sundays, and has scheduled a Halloween party on Nov. 1 for gym members.