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The Rock Club at Pine Brook Fitness Offers New 'Rock 'n Roll' Party Package

The Rock Club at Pine Brook Fitness Offers New 'Rock 'n Roll' Party Package

The Rock Club of Pine Brook Fitness in New Rochelle is now offering the "Rock 'n Roll" party package, a 2-hour birthday party event for children allowing for up to 15 kids. One of New York's premier rock-climbing gyms since 2007, The Rock Club boasts a 40-foot climbing wall that provides terrain for climbers of all levels. With 80 climbing stations and 200 routes that are constantly changing, the climbing never gets old.

Partnering with Athletic Parties of Westchester, the club wants to combine the fun of rock climbing with the competitiveness of athletics. Children will first spend 45 minutes experiencing many field-day games, specifically tug of war, relay challenges, parachute fun, and many other events that embrace team bonding. After, they will move on to 45 mins of climbing the walls before heading to the private party room which can be completely customized to the parent’s needs via moveable walls and large cabinet space.

“We started the ‘Rock 'n Roll’ program in the fall of 2018 as a fun addition to our climbing birthday parties,” says Valerie Ferrara, general manageror Pinebrook Fitness. “They are great because kids get to experience fun athletic activities like the parachute, 3-legged races, and partner games, and then climb our walls – literally!”

The host will also receive a commemorative group photo and t-shirt. The Rock Club also provides various add-ons to enhance a party even further, such as backlight climbing, paper goods, a chalk bag, and souvenir carabiner.

“We can customize any party package for you. Whether it is a kid’s or an adult’s birthday, a group event, corporate gathering, wedding, you name it!” says Ferrara.

The Rock Club also provides numerous other birthday-party packages, but none have the athletics and rock climbing that “Rock 'n Roll” provides.