5 Tips to Cut Candy Consumption This Halloween

5 Tips to Cut Candy Consumption This Halloween

Five ways to keep candy consumption under control after trick-or-treating

As kids collect pounds of candy this Halloween, this can leave parents playing the candy police, using their best bargaining skills, or just navigating meltdowns. However, with childhood obesity on the rise, and the ever present concern of cavities, and the what we know now about the effects of too much sugar, Childhood weight and health expert, Thea Runyan, shares her advice to keep kids’ candy consumption under control after trick-or-treating.


Pick Your Favorites

The ritual of sorting and trading candy collected from a night of trick-or-treating is a huge part of Halloween fun. This year, instead of keeping all of the candy, when the sorting is done, ask your kids to choose 20-40 of their favorite pieces and consider doing something else with the rest.

Leave Your Candy for the Switch Witch 

A very popular solution to getting rid of extra candy is to leave it outside for the Switch Witch. In the middle of the night, the candy gets taken away and is replaced with a present. Obviously this present will vary based on the age of the child, but books, gift cards, and toys are popular options.

Donate Your Candy

Another popular solution to getting the extra candy out of the house is to donate it. Kids enjoy donating their candy to troops overseas, homeless shelters, and cancer programs that provide candy for chemotherapy patients. Consider starting a donation program at your kids’ school and have other students participate. Another option: See if a local dentist will buy your kids' candy.

Hand Out Candy You Don’t Like

This is what I do. To resist temptation while I am handing out candy (or before Halloween when it is sitting in my pantry), I buy my least favorite candy. Then I pick my favorites from my kids’ trick-or-treat collection.

Hand Out Non-Food Items

Parents often think this will make their house unpopular, but my experience is quite the opposite. Kids are accumulating so much candy, so getting a fun Halloween toy or game is a fun change. Sugarless gum is also a guilt-free choice that is popular with all age groups.


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