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Title Boxing Club Pilots Accommodate Teachers, Children

Title Boxing Club, a fitness center in Forest Hills that offers boxing, kickboxing, and personal training, is piloting two programs: one targeted toward teachers and one for kids.

girl working on kickboxing skills

Yanyra Garces-Rocha works on her
kickboxing skills at Title Boxing Club.

Title Boxing Club began pilots of two boxing classes in January: a twice-a-week class to target area teachers and a Sunday morning class for children ages 6-10. The boxing club, which also offers kickboxing and power hour cardio classes as well as personal training, decided to pilot these two classes because it found a way to better serve the neighborhood after looking at the demographics of the community and its members.

With a gap in classes from 1:30-5:45pm, “we realized that our members who are teachers were having to stay around after school,” says marketing manager Liz Bustamante. “So we started classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4pm, and it has definitely proved to be convenient for our teacher contingent.” Bustamante also says that anyone can take the class—it isn’t restricted to teachers; it was created to accommodate them.

The Sunday class at 9:15am teaches kids about physical activity and how it impacts their health. The kids aren’t boxing against each other in the class, only against a bag. “In fact, they’re specifically told—and it’s drilled into them—that they do not do this outside of the classroom without an instructor,” Bustamante says.

The club also hopes to team up with Soccer Friends USA, which teaches nearby on Thursdays, in the coming months. It plans to offer an hour class for parents while their children are at Soccer Friends USA.

Title Boxing Club also offers free trials of all classes.


Katelin Walling


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