Toddler Playgroup Launches at Rose Academy of Ballet

Toddler Playgroup Launches at Rose Academy of Ballet

Rose Academy of Ballet in Forest Hills, started a new program called Wiggle and Scribble, where children ages 15-32 months can socialize, dance, sing, and explore art in a nurturing and fun environment.

The Rose Academy is a ballet school first, offering ballet classes for children starting at 2-years-old up to adulthood. It also offers tap classes and has a performing arts camp for children.

Director and founder, Melissa Wilson, has a very extensive performing background as well as a strong basis in early childhood education, which she believes sets the Rose Academy apart from other ballet schools, for it is both art-based and education-based. “We value the artistic abilities of the children,” Wilson added. “We don’t use a CD-player for our ballet classes. We always have live accompaniment, because we believe that children develop best through human contact.”

She said that Wiggle and Scribble is a unique type of class for the Rose Academy of Ballet. “It’s kind of like a pre-school prep or nursery school prep class – to foster creativity and socials skills,” she said. “It is an art-based play group. Children will play, along with some singing and some moving.”

Registration is now available for Wiggle and Scribble classes for the fall semester. It is being offered on Wednesday’s from 9:30-11am for a 17-week period beginning on Sept. 14 and ending on Jan. 18.

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