Tutoring Program Opens New Location In White Plains

Tutoring Program Opens New Location In White Plains

A tutoring program that provides students in grades Pre K-12 with one-on-one, multi-sensory tutoring, opened a new location in White Plains this November. EBL Coaching uses research-based techniques to expand upon students’ skills in areas of reading, writing, and math.

Founder and director, Dr. Emily Levy says the idea behind this new location came out of a need for the kind of work EBL Coaching does. She says parents have expressed a desire for the home and on-site tutoring sessions offered by the program. This being the third EBL Coaching location, Levy intends to continue expanding the specialized tutoring program.

An initial assessment of a child’s needs then dictates which learning specialist will work with them. Levy says the “long lasting relationships” formed between students and tutors begin when they are first matched up and continue to grow throughout each session.

Throughout tutoring sessions, students use a workbook series emphasizing skills essential for success in school. Strategies for Study Success, written by Levy are designed to build upon test taking, note taking, and reading comprehension.

At the end of each month, parents are given progress updates and are also supplied with materials to reinforce the work children are being taught. Levy says EBL Coaching will work with parents to establish a tutoring schedule that works best for the child and family.

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