On The Blogroll: Triplets in Tribeca

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Blogging from: Manhattan, NYC

If you think raising one child is hard, try raising Triplets in Tribeca! Despite the numerous challenges a mother of triplets faces every day, parenting expert Notoya Green pulls off motherhood with flair and style. Green’s background as a family attorney at the NYC Administration for Children’s Services, where she worked prior to becoming a full-time mother, inspired her to draw upon her experiences and provide families with material on how to have a happy and healthy lifestyle. Green founded the blog soon after her triplets, Eva, David, and Samuel, were born in 2011.

Green sprinkles her blog with a mix of sage advice and insights from her own experiences, well-researched, thought-provoking articles about parenting, and of course, pictures of her three adorable toddlers. Her blog posts are particularly useful as they cover a wide span of many different topics ranging anywhere from how to act with your partner in front of your children and how to stay organized to how to throw a great party for your little ones.

Green also addresses some of the most pressing issues that so often accompany motherhood like constant worrying, forgetfulness, guilt, maintaining a happy marriage, and the importance of "me time." Green’s candid personal stories and practical suggestions are extremely valuable as well as engaging to read for any parent.

Evident from her blog, Green is clearly an authority on parenting, and unsurprisingly, she has been featured in a number of well-regarded publications including The Wall Street Journal, Ebony Magazine, Essence.com, and the New York Post. In addition, she can often be seen on NBC Connecticut. Green’s passionate approach to motherhood, her determination to spread the word about the best parenting styles and start the dialogue about issues parents confront daily, and her general joie de vivre, is inspirational to say the least. Triplets in Tribeca is definitely a must-read for any New York mom or dad. Melanie Shapiro