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Quiz: Do You Know the Modern Guidelines to Pregnancy?

Based on Emily Oster's book on modern pregnancy, "Expecting Better: How To Fight The Pregnancy Establishment With Facts," a quiz to see whether you know fact from fiction when it comes to modern pregnancy guidelines.

Testing, Testing!
Pregnancy is full of rules. But are they all right? Take this quiz to find out.

True or False?

1. Amniocentesis is a must for all pregnant women over the age of 35.

2. It is better to gain less weight when pregnant than more.

3. Wine should be prohibited for the duration of a pregnancy.

4. Changing cat litter is more dangerous for a pregnant woman than gardening.

5. Sushi should be avoided at all costs when pregnant.

6. Pregnancy nausea may be unpleasant, but it’s a good sign; women who are sick are less likely to miscarry.

7. Many labor inductions can be avoided by staying hydrated.

8. Having a doula during labor can lower the chance of a C-section.

9. There is no evidence that bed rest is helpful in preventing or treating any complications of pregnancy.

10. You should not worry about dyeing your hair during pregnancy.



1. F; 2. F; 3. F; 4. F; 5. F; 6. T; 7. T; 8. T; 9. T; 10. T

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