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How to Turn Your Home into Chuck E. Cheese

How to Turn Your Home into Chuck E. Cheese

Follow these four easy steps to turn your home into Chuck E. Cheese and win the Best Parent of the Quarantine award (probably).

We asked parents what they miss most about pre-quarantine life and answers ranged from restaurants and nail salons to not having to decontaminate the groceries after getting back from the store. Something the kids are probably missing right now is being able to run free and exert their pent up energy with other kiddos in their favorite play spaces, arcades, and playgrounds. 

Unfortunately, these places are all closed in New York and we don't know when they will be reopening.  Luckily, Chuck E. Cheese has released a simple and fun DIY to recreate all of the fun Chuck E. Cheese has to offer using items and rooms you have in your home. Follow these steps from the beloved family entertainment center to transform your home into Chuck E. Cheese:

Have a dance party in the family room

Move furniture out of the way to create enough space to dance like crazy. Visit Chuck E. Cheese's YouTube page to learn some fun dance moves.

Create an arcade at the dining room table

Race with Chuck E. using the free Play Racing World app or shred some sidewalk and catch some air with Chuck E.'s free Play Skate Universe app. You can even set up and play some family board games at the dining room table to add to the gaming fun.

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Set up a Basketball Hoops game in the hallway

Place a laundry basket on the far side of the hallway and ask a family member to set a timer for 1 minute. Toss as many toy basketballs as you can into the basket in a minute. If you don't have a toy basketball or something of the like, you can use tennis balls or even toilet paper!

Make an Alley Roller in the kitchen 

Set three kitchen pots or plastic bowls of various size on their sides on the kitchen floor. Step 6-8 feet back (we all know what that looks like now!) and roll any small balls you have in the house into the bowls. The smaller the bowl, the more points you get. If the bowls don't stay in place, have a sibling hold the bowls while the other rolls. Tip: If you order a medium or large pizza from Chuck E. Cheese, the pizza delivery box transforms into an Alley Roller game. 

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