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Ultimate Enrichment Summer Camp Is Coming to Bayside

The camp will be held at P.S. 376 and feature sports, theater and arts, robotics and engineering, and science enrichment programming.

Ultimate Enrichment Summer Camps is expanding out of the Bronx this summer and into Queens, where camp will be held at P.S. 376 for kids ages 4-14 beginning July 8. Ultimate Enrichment is known for its sports programming in the Bronx but will bring theater and dance to the forefront of the program in Bayside, with a couple of different shows and one performance for parents at the end of the summer. Michael Garcia, Ultimate Enrichment’s owner and director, says that moving to Queens stemmed from success in the Bronx.

“I’m very familiar with the Bayside area, so that’s what got the ball rolling, and that’s how I stumbled on 376, and the rest is history,” he says. Ultimate Enrichment has 10 locations in the Bronx and just signed two more schools recently to the Queens roster.

“In the Bronx we have probably the biggest sports program in the county. So that is one part of our organization that once we really get embedded into the community that we look to bring [to Queens],” Garcia said. “It’s called STS sports. We have football, basketball and soccer leagues for kids in the Bronx. So that’s something we would definitely like to jump into and experience once we get into the schools.”

Garcia explains that Ultimate Enrichment’s goal is to become imbedded into the Bayside community. Camp will run from 8am-4pm and be open as early as 7am and as late as 6pm to accommodate the busy schedules of parents.

“We are imbedded in the community in the Bronx, and that’s how we’re trying to be starting in that District 26 area. We really want to be the staple of the District 26 community and slowly expand out from there, “ he says. “We’re one of the household names in the Bronx, so that’s our vision is to do that. Not only are we generating business for ourselves, but we’re building a stronger community by providing a service that parents need.”