Music and Arts Center Opens in Park Slope

Ume Ume Music + Arts, a center that offers music and art classes and music lessons for kids, recently opened in Park Slope. The center also offers after-school programs and birthday parties.

kids painting at ume ume music + arts

Children at Ume Ume Music + Arts finish a music class with art project that relates to the music they learned about in class.

Christos Stavropoulos and his sister Sotiria opened Ume Ume Music + Arts because they grew up with music and wanted to provide a similar experience to other children. Ume Ume, which opened in Park Slope in September, offers classes for children ages 5 months to 12 years.

“We wanted to offer something different than what is out there,” Stavropoulos says. “We offer an entire linear of growth [for our students].”

Classes range from pre-preschool, in which children are introduced to both the classroom and music, to preschool and kindergarten classes, after-school classes for older children, and private lessons once a child has decided on an instrument they are interested in pursuing. Each class, Stavropoulos says, is focused on the classics and strives to give students a full view of music. Classes are focused on a piece of music or a composer, which students listen to and talk about. Students then work on an art project that relates to the music, so they can use multiple senses to understand what they are hearing.

“We want children to continue through the program until they find their love for one instrument,” Stavropoulos says. “We work with the child to create and learn.”

Ume Ume runs in 12-week semesters, but children can join at any time. Currently, Stavropoulos and his sister are the teachers. The center also offers Zumba birthday parties with music, song, and dance.