On The Blogroll: Urban Mommys

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Blogging from: Brooklyn, NY

When it comes to raising kids in the hustle and bustle of an urban environment, Cheryl Atwell of Urban Mommys has a few tricks up her sleeve. This Brooklyn mommy has been parenting for more than 18 years as a mother to three boys and a grandmother to a little girl. Her passion for kids began early when she got her first babysitting gig at age 9. Since the birth of her first son, she has made sure to fill her house with children, both her own and those of her friends and family.

Frustrated with the lack of parenting blogs that offered the kind of tips and information for which she was looking, or even a place to discuss certain parenting issues in a forum where she felt comfortable, Atwell decided to start her own blog. As you might imagine, Atwell has a great deal of experience with 18 years of parenting under her belt, and she is able to share plenty of helpful tips on her blog as a result.

Urban Mommys focuses on raising kids (and two cats and a dog, of course) in an urban setting. Atwell writes in such a way that is helpful to parents with young kids as well as those dealing with difficult teenagers. Many of Atwell’s posts are full of wisdom and calming advice to quell the many fears a parent might have.

She addresses a wide range of issues that affect families in the city, such as how to find the best activities for your children at a low cost, when to teach your child to take public transportation on his or her own, and how to get your son or daughter to try the incredible ethnic foods available in your area. Urban Mommys includes a section called “Kid Speak,” in which Atwell posts adorable and hilarious quotations from young children, as well as a section called “Teachers Tips,” in which Atwell gives pointers on how to deal with your child’s teacher. Atwell even gets around to posting some incredibly appetizing recipes that all urban mommies should check out.

If you’re an urban parent looking for some advice or a place to discuss your parenting questions with a knowledgeable mother, Urban Mommys is the blog for you. Melanie Shapiro