Urban Umbrella After-School Program Coming to Brooklyn Heights

Urban Umbrella After-School Program Coming to Brooklyn Heights

Urban Umbrella, an after-school program for children ages 4-12, is scheduled to begin in September and run through June for the 2017-2018 school year.

The program's comprehensive curriculum, the Ecological Covenant©, aims to enrich students by working on projects in content areas not typically found in a regular school setting.

Urban Umbrella will integrate themes in order to introduce children to different learning activities, such as Water: An Interdisciplinary Study; Forensics: A Study of Argumentative Discourse; and Ant Hills, Spider Webs, and Lobster Tales: A Detailed Study of the Arthropods; and more. Each theme will have a project, which will link one theme to the next. Some sample activities that the students will be doing involve making their own books, doing a word search to learn new words, and using building blocks to make prints.

The whole after-school program will be integrated with all ages learning together in a one-room classroom type setting. The program will have two bilingual teachers, one who will speak English and Italian and another who will speak English and Hebrew.

In addition, Urban Umbrella will incorporate the family into their children’s learning experience by having monthly dinners so parents can have a better understanding of what their children are learning. Urban Umbrella also intends to incorporate field trips and hold mini-camps during holiday breaks.

The mission of Urban Umbrella is to show children what is behind good decision-making and to teach them to care for their environment so they can inspire generations to come. The after-school program will be held Monday-Friday from 3-7pm inside Brooklyn Heights Jewish Academy. Children can be picked up from their school in Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill, or Downtown Brooklyn.

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Main image: Urban Umbrella's after-school program serves children ages 4-12.
Courtesy Urban Umbrella