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Summer Arts Camp Welcomes New Executive Director

Summer Arts Camp Welcomes New Executive Director

With about 1,500 students from all over the Metropolitan area, Usdan Summer Camp of the Arts encourages children to explore freely and develop artistic skills, during multiple sessions running from June 27 through August 12.

In October, Usdan welcomed a new executive director, Lauren Schloss. With an extensive background in visual arts, Schloss focuses on “how arts can help make young people better in just about anything they do,” Associate Executive Director Andrew Copper says.

Children ages 4-18 can enroll in summer programs, which include classes in art, music, dance, theater, chess, writing, and nature. Copper says exposing children to different forms of art gives them a unique outlook on the world.

“We are training kids how to be innovators, how to be thinkers, and how to use the arts as a mechanism to be more creative,” says Copper.

Usdan offers 7-week, 4-week, and 3-week long sessions, all staring on June 27. An additional 3-week session is offered beginning July 25. Throughout the first three sessions, students watch a daily concert displaying professional artists in the areas of jazz, Broadway, opera, and more. As summer continues, students take the stage and perform.

This summer, Usdan will offer a full-day dance program to children in grades 4 to 12. Intermediate and advanced dancers will expand on their skills in ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary dance styles. Admission to this class is by audition. 

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