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Bayside Music School Offers Young Kids’ Class, Private Lessons

Vienna Music, a music school in Queens, offers various classes and lessons for kids at its Bayside location. The music school recently began offering a class for children younger than 5 and has added cello and clarinet to its instrumental lessons.

vienna music teacher at piano with kids

Vienna Music’s Kids-Do-Re-Mi, a class for children younger than 5, helps develop kids’ interest and concentration in music.

Vienna Music, a music school and venue that aims to provide the most comfortable and professional environment for music development, is now offering a children’s program called Kids-Do-Re-Mi and instrumental instruction for clarinet and cello. The programs are on-going and instruction is lead by professional musicians who are capable of teaching students of any age.

Kids-Do-Re-Mi is an introductory class to music and rhythm to children younger than 5. This program’s group setting helps establish a child’s interest in music, understanding of instruction, and concentration level before the child is able to move to one-on-one lessons. Classes are offered Saturday and Sunday with an open registration. Saturday classes concentrate on music and rhythm instruction, while Sunday classes focus on singing exercises and vocal approaches to music.

“Music is a big part of everyone’s lives,” says Joseph Char, director of operations. “Music is not just a technique. It’s a kind of knowledge. It’s more than just entertainment. It’s a lifestyle. It can help kids develop in many different ways ”

In September, Vienna Music began offering cello and clarinet lessons for students of any age. Instruction in piano, violin, viola, vocal, guitar, ukulele, flute, and saxophone are also available. Instructors provide open communication with parents to establish what their expectations are. Registration is available at any time.

“[Vienna Music] doesn’t just teach children to play a piece,” Char says. “We teach them the ability the instrument. Parents trust our instructors and they trust us to give professional music instruction.”


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