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The Viking Ship to Arrive in NYC September 17th

The Viking Ship to Arrive in NYC September 17th

Families and fans of the Vikings, take note. The incredible Viking ship is coming in to New York City this weekend on Sept. 17! The Vikings were great navigators and ship builders and this is a great opportunity to see what their ship was like.

Draken Harald Harfagre is a modern Viking ship that represents the best of traditional Viking ship construction and technology. While most Viking ship replicas do not use materials that were used to build Viking ships of the past, this ship uses real archaeological material and the ship contains old sailing records, purchasing lists, reports, and more, along with visual representations of Viking ships of yesteryear.

Head over with your family to the North Cove Marina for a special welcoming ceremony at 11:30AM on Sept. 17 after the Viking ship sails past the iconic Statue of Liberty. The ceremony will include speeches, interviews, and a variety of Nordic entertainment. Learn about the history behind the expedition and how the ship was built.

Visitors will be welcome to tour the ship deck from 11AM – 6PM on Sunday, Sept. 18 – Thursday, Sept. 22 and Saturday, Sept. 24 – Sunday Sept. 26. For tickets for deck tours, head to the exhibition area in the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place.

If you’d like to visit the Viking ship welcoming ceremony, the ship will be docked in North Cove Marina at Brookfield Place located at 250 Vesey St., west of One World Trade Center.

The Vikings were proud of the ship they built and you’ll be impressed by this special visit!

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