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Warby Parker Tests Collection for Kids

Warby Parker Tests Collection for Kids

Move over Warby Barker—pint-sized glasses are taking over as the cutest thing to hit Warby Parker

Attention NYC parents: The popular, affordable Warby Parker is now pilot testing a collection for kids ages 4 and older. But head to a New York City store soon to get your kids a stylish pair of Warby Parker glasses for children, as the pilot program will end in a few months!

Your glasses-wearing child can look and feel hip and cool with the new stylish, affordable children’s eyewear line Warby Parker is testing in its New York City stores, according to a report.

To try out the company’s new eyewear line, customers can simply walk into one of the eight New York City locations within the next few months. There are two options for each frame available in the line. An option for ages 8 and older called Jr. and an option for ages 4-7 called Jr. Jr.

The frames are sourced from the same material used to create the adult pairs, so the prices for each kids’ frame is $95. The kids’ collection is made up of smaller versions of the most popular Warby Parker adult frames: the Chamberlain, Daisy, Louise, Lyle, and Percey. Now you and your child can be #twinning the next time you post a picture on Instagram!

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One feature that is different on the kid’s glasses in comparison to the adult frames is the hinges. The kids’ collection has spring hinges instead of fixed barrel. "The wear and tear of frames is slightly different for kids than for adults," co-founder Neil Blumenthal told

The new line is just a pilot and is being tested, but the hope is that it will become a permanent arrangement in the future, according to

Warby Parker will continue its reputation of being socially conscious. Each pair of glasses purchased will support the Pupils Project, a program provides free vision screenings, eye exams, and glasses to children in need across New York City schools. 


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