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Indoor Multi-Sport Facility Now Offering Bubble Ball

Indoor Multi-Sport Facility Now Offering Bubble Ball

West Rock Indoor is a multi-sport indoor facility complete with six tennis courts, a large turf field, and basketball courts. It is a popular venue for children’s birthday parties and private events.

On top of the vast range of sporting options already offered at West Rock Indoor, it has just introduced Bubble Ball into the mix.

Donnie Leenig, administrative manager for West Rock Indoor, explained that Bubble Ball is like bumper cars, but you’re on foot. “You put on these inflatable plastic airtight bubbles and you get strapped in and run around and bump into each other,” he added.

There are a variety of different games that kids can play with Bubble Ball. Donnie said that the most popular game is soccer, but other options include “last man standing,” most similar to a game of bowling, but the kids act as the pins, and “middleman,” which can be compared to Red Rover.

“Kids have a blast with these,” Donnie said, “because they can hit each other, run around, and not get hurt.”

He said that there are also basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and softball programs starting in the fall, offered for kid’s ages 4-6 and 7-12. West Rock Indoor is not limited to these sports, offering anything from dodge ball to capture the flag and beyond.

“The diversity of what you can do here is unbelievable. We can go from a sports venue to a nightclub in a matter of hours,” Donnie said. “If people come in with an idea, we’ll work it out.”

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