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Westport Dance Center to Offer Preschool Dance Class

Westport Dance Center is scheduled to begin its newest preschool dance class Leap N' Learn in January. The center aims to offer the best dance programming in Westport.

westport dance center preschool class

Westport Dance Center instructors will engage the students in the new Leap N' Learn class while exposing them to dance.

Westport Dance Center is scheduled to offer its new preschool dance program, Leap n’ Learn beginning the week of Jan. 6. The center is also offering a week of free trial classes Dec. 8-13.

Leap n’ Learn is an introductory dance program designed for boys and girls ages 3-5 to help develop their mental, cognitive, spatial awareness, gross motor, and social skills. By utilizing props and materials, kids stay engaged while learning basic dance vocabulary, concepts, and movements. The 16-week program works around a monthly objective and related skills, such as Dance Around the World, which concentrates on music and dance from countries including China and India.

Marlayne Schaeffer, owner of Westport Dance Center, says that while the class focuses on dance, it also teaches important life skills, such as learning how to focus, how to take on a challenge, and how to work as a group.

“What we’re teaching is dance, but we’re also teaching people to be great people in real life,” she says. “By starting with 3-year-olds, we start to build a foundation of life skills that they’ll need to be successful later in life.”

Westport Dance Center aims to provide the best programming, teachers, and inspire students in the community through challenges and the joy of dance.

Class registration is now available and open enrollment will be offered for five weeks after the class begins, or until space is filled.


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