Homey Pediatric Dental Office Now Open in Westport

Gordon Lee, D.D.S., recently opened Westport Pediatric Dentistry, a dental office catered to children and located in Westport. The office offers gentle dental care for kids, as well as infant dental care advice, including how to deal with thumb sucking, gum disease, and dental emergencies.

Gordon Lee, D.D.S.On Oct. 1, Gordon Lee, D.D.S, opened Westport Pediatric Dentistry, and he is “happy to be a part of the community.” The facilities are approximately 2,000 square feet and are “laid out to feel more like a home. I don’t want patients to feel like they’re going to a hospital or a clinic,” Dr. Lee says.

The staff at Westport Pediatric Dentistry understands that children would rather go to the park than the dentist, and their goal is to make children’s visits pleasant—with toys in the waiting room and gentle dental care—so they transition into adulthood without dreading a trip to the dentist.

Although his focus is pediatric dentistry and the practice’s environment is catered to children, Dr. Lee says he will continue to treat patients after they reach 18 years old if they want to stay on with the practice.

Westport Pediatric Dentistry offers dental care advice for your baby, including how to deal with thumb sucking, gum disease, and a pediatric dental emergency. The office also offers teeth bonding, primary teeth fillings, space maintainers, and sealants, as well as regular cleanings.