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Teens Can Caddy Their Way to 4-Year College Scholarship

Teens Can Caddy Their Way to 4-Year College Scholarship

Caddying is not only a way to learn valuable skills, it can also earn teens a 4-year college scholarship through the Western Golf Association Evans Scholar Foundation.

Looking for a unique extracurricular activity for your child that will not only teach them valuable skills but also fund their education? Consider caddying.

Each year, the Western Golf Association Evans Scholar Foundation sends more than 900 deserving golf caddies across the country to participating colleges on a four-year scholarship. The Chick Evans Scholarship, valued at approximately $80,000 has four simple requirements. Students who are entering their senior year of high school or about to enter their freshman year of college must have an excellent academic record (above a B average in college preparatory courses) confirmed by a transcript, high school evaluation form, letter of recommendation, and ACT scores; a strong caddie record spanning a minimum of two years and verified by a caddie evaluation form; demonstrated financial need; and outstanding character as supported by academic and extracurricular information, as well as an applicant essay.

In addition to scholarship opportunities, caddying can also benefit your teen by providing unique experiences as well as teaching important communication skills. David Osband, a Westchester native and 2014 recipient of The Chick Evans Scholarship, says that “walking up a hill on a hot day with that heavy bag” at age 14 taught him the “value of money very quickly.” Though caddying is tough work, the job is also very rewarding. The experience greatly bolsters communication skills, since giving advice is a “core part of the job,” Osband says. Teens also get the opportunity to meet and spend time with interesting and successful people who can become mentors, something Osband considered invaluable while going through the college application process.

david osbandDavid Osband, a Westchester native and 2014 recipient of The Chick Evans Scholarship

For Osband, The Chick Evans Scholarship made the prospect of and ultimate decision to attend Northwestern University much easier. Once inside the program, he found that in addition to the obvious financial aspect, there was also an extremely valuable personal aspect. A “nice network of people always there for you” is built into the structure of the program, Osband says. Students of all levels live in an Evans Scholarship House on participating college campuses where they form close bonds and provide peer mentorship. Outside the house is an extended network of scholars that opens up a wider range of career opportunities. Overall, Osband asserts that this scholarship “profoundly changes your academic experience” for the better.

The Chick Evans Scholarship application will be available Aug. 1. Priority will be given to applications submitted on or before Sept. 30 with supporting documents received by Oct. 30. To learn more about how to apply for the Chick Evans Scholarship, visit


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