10 Places to Find International Sweets in NYC

10 Places to Find International Sweets in NYC


A roundup of places to find international sweet treats in Manhattan.

If your kids are a little more adventurous with their choice of sweets, bring them to any of these fun international sweet spots in Manhattan full of treats from other countries!

Sweet Treats from Asia

Aji Ichiban USA

37 Mott St., Chinatown

Widen your child’s palette with some sweets from Japan and other East Asian countries at this Hong Kong-based chain. There are Asian snacks such as Japanese Crispy Seaweed with Tom Yum Goong Flavor along with ginger candies, preserved fruit, and salty candy. If your child isn’t that adventurous, Aji Ichiban also offers American candies and treats.

Grace Street

17 W. 32nd St., Koreatown

Grace Street’s Korean desserts are a must try for any city-goer. Its Korean doughnut, or “Ho-Dduk” is a warm doughy treat with melted brown sugar, cinnamon, and walnuts that will leave you coming back for more. But if you’re going to try just one thing, make it the shaved snow, which comes in fun flavors such as black sesame and green tea.

Harbs NYC

198 Ninth Ave., Chelsea
1374 Third Ave., Upper East Side

With locations in both Chelsea and the Upper East Side, you’re never too far from trying some of Harbs’ delicious treats. Born in Japan, Harbs’ is a café offering its famous handcrafted cakes from white peach cheesecake to banana cream pie to cherry cheese soufflé.

Takahachi Bakery

25 Murray St., Tribeca

Takahachi Bakery offers some of the best Japanese baked goods in town! From buns and breads to cakes and crepes, you’re sure to find something you love here. Be sure to try one of its delicious hot beverages, too!

Tous les Jours

7 Division St., Chinatown

Meaning “everyday,” this French-Asian bakery offers a unique selection of baked goods and drinks made with ingredients from South Korea. Try one of its signature sausage Danishes, which is a savory sausage wrapped in a Danish cooked in cheese; you won’t find anything like it elsewhere!

Sweet Treats from Belgium


Leonidas-MANON Café
3 Hanover Square, Financial District
120 Broadway, Financial District
Leonidas at Chelsea Market Baskets
75 Ninth Ave., Chelsea

Leonidas Belgian chocolates are the perfect gift for any member of the family. You can find Leonidas delectable treats at its lower Manhattan MANON Café locations complete with a large selection of pieces, gift boxes, and delicious gourmet hot chocolates, made with Leonidas chocolate of course!

Sweet Treats from Brazil

Biagi Gelato

Pop Up Cart: Whole Foods
270 Greenwich St., Tribeca
Pop Up Cart: Whole Foods
1551 Third Ave., Upper East Side

For the best Brazilian gelato in NYC, stop by one of Biagi’s gelato carts located outside of two Whole Foods locations. Brazilian gelato offers you some of the delicious Italian recipes you know and love but with less fat and fewer calories than ice cream, so you can enjoy without feeling guilty.

Sweet Treats from France

Francois Payard Patisserie

Plaza Food Hall, 1 W. 59th St., Midtown West
3 Columbus Circle, Midtown West
116 W. Houston St., Greenwich Village
210 Murray St., Battery Park City

Payard’s French pastries are an absolute must for anyone who appreciates high-end desserts. Originally from Nice, France, Francois Payard combines delicious chocolate, hazelnut, peanuts, wafer, and more to make unforgettable pastries. Some of the pastries are seasonal, but his best and most famed creations, the peanut-centric George V and the hazelnut-based Louvre, are always available.

Sweet Treats from Spain

Papabubble New York

380 Broome St., Soho

Papabubble, a Barcelona-based gourmet confectioner, allows you to not only try some exotic treats but also watch them being made! Resembling a science lab, this sweets store has beakers full of colorful liquids, Popsicle sticks and tools on display, and tons of sweets to choose from such as handmade lollipops. Choose from traditional flavors, such as strawberry and cherry, or more exciting choices such as cola and Bergamot orange.

Sweet Treats from Sweden


89 Christopher St., West Village

The Swedes do it right at this sleek, sterile-like candy store. What better way to display colorful candies than a clean white store? Sample sour gummies, hard candies, chocolates, and other yummy treats, all while learning fun new Swedish words such as “frukstang,” which are fruity jelly sticks, and “huggormar,” which are fruity candy snakes.

Main image: One of Grace Street's desserts: green tea shaved snow made with ceremonial grade matcha, local milk from upstate New York, diced taro, red beans, honey boba, and condensed milk
Courtesy Grace Street 


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