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5 Reasons We Love Brooklyn Heights

5 Reasons We Love Brooklyn Heights

Sometimes living and working in New York City can get to us, but we're here to remind you why we love living here. Here are five reasons we love Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn.

Brooklyn has come a long way over the years, and for some, it’s now considered the “place to be” over Manhattan. And, if you’re looking for a little piece of both, Brooklyn Heights might be the perfect fit, just over the Brooklyn Bridge and a subway stop away from the busy streets of the Financial District. So whether you live here or not, taking a trip may be worth your time and prove to be a fun family day trip at the least. Besides being a safe and beautiful residential area, Brooklyn Heights offers a lot for local families.

Here are five reasons we love Brooklyn Heights:

The Breathtaking View from Brooklyn Heights Promenade

If you’re looking for a reminder of why you came to this city in the first place, I strongly recommend a trip to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, where you will witness the Big Apple lit up in the most perfect way possible. The promenade stretches approximately 1/3 of a mile and is filled with all types of nature, benches, and, of course, the pathway. You can simply take a walk or bike ride during the day with your kids, or bring that special someone after dark for a view and a piece of mind that will give you butterflies. It overlooks the East River, as well as the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Manhattan skyline. Plus, the residential area is made up of beautiful brownstone apartments and homes that are fun to see. After your peaceful stroll, the family fun is not to end too soon, for right below the promenade is Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The Range of Activities at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park offers 1.3 miles and six piers filled with playgrounds, sports fields, eateries, and views to last a lifetime, and all by the waterfront of the Brooklyn Bridge. Since the park itself is so large, some of it is considered DUMBO, although it’s all closely intertwined. The overwhelming amount of activities would take too long to list, but those worth the travel include Pier 2’s basketball, handball, bocce, and shuffleboard courts as well as fitness equipment, hopscotch, four square, and roller rink; a pop-up pool and Pier 4’s beach; Pier 5’s picnic peninsula and soccer fields; and last but not least, Pier 6’s volleyball courts and five playgrounds including 10 swing sets, a Water Lab, and a huge sandbox. There truly is something for everyone, including kids of all ages and sizes, and many spots for the ’rents to hang back and relax.

The Home of So Much History

Brooklyn Heights is home to iconic museums such as the New York Transit Museum and the Brooklyn Historical Society. I know this may sound like a drag, especially for the kids, but they’ll be surprised with how much fun they can have at these sites. At the NY Transit Museum, finally become familiar with the 100-year-old subway system that, chances are, you use multiple times a day. As the largest museum in the U.S. dedicated to urban public transportation, it offers not only the history of the subway but also buses and trolleys, and has many exhibits, activities, and an education workshop. Meanwhile, at the Brooklyn Historical Society, you can gain some knowledge of Brooklyn’s past through its many exhibits, ranging from Brooklyn’s role in the Revolutionary War to the creation of the sewer system and everything in between. On top of that, there is a library located in the building, events going on, movies to watch, and lectures to hear. These are both can’t-miss stops.

The Plenty of Impeccable Food Options

It’s always a bit more difficult to find the perfect restaurant for family night out with children by your side, complete with a chicken finger and macaroni and cheese option. But do not fear—there is a wide variety of dining options in Brooklyn Heights that will satisfy the whole family. If you are looking for a diner-style eatery with a menu that is more like a novel, we recommend Clark’s Restaurant. It is fully stocked with children’s favorites and has options for any time of day, from all-day breakfast to burgers to broiled seafood, all in a family-friendly setting. If you’re looking for some scrumptious wood-fired pizza in a casual but sit-down setting, then Dellarocco’s of Brooklyn is a great option. Since just about every child (and, regrettably, us adults too) is an avid pizza-lover, you can’t go wrong. Lastly, if you’re not too stuffed after dinner, head to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory at Brooklyn Bridge Park. It has every classic flavor from chocolate chocolate chunk to butter pecan. Plus, the view from here is great! 

The Family-Friendly Shopping Spots

Finding the perfect well-rounded shopping spots for your kids is a difficult task, but Brooklyn Heights is tackling it pretty well. Well-known to many Brooklyn natives is Area Kids, with locations all over the city. Everything to meet your children’s needs is here, from clothes to accessories, and of course, toys! Speaking of toys, your children will surely love the toy hotspot Nest Egg Kids. Here, they’re all about eco-friendly and education toys, while having fun at the same time. And if you’re coming from Manhattan, it’s just two stops away from Wall Street on the 4 or 5 train, and definitely worth the subway fare. Lastly, if you’re looking to do some chain-store shopping, be sure to stop by the Fulton Mall. Here you can find Macy’s, Foot Locker, Children’s Place, and more. Of course, it isn’t an actual mall, but a street (that’s New York for you!)

Main image: The East River flows through a Tidal Slip at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s John Street section next to the Manhattan Bridge.
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