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The Windsor School Introduces New Interdisciplinary Elective Classes Including an American Pop Culture Class

The Windsor School Introduces New Interdisciplinary Elective Classes Including an American Pop Culture Class

Students with diverse interests will be able to get a taste of unique topics thanks to The Windsor School's new electives.

This past fall, students at The Windsor School were given the opportunity to take an elective in American Pop Culture that covered American culture and how it has changed over the decades of the 20th Century, from fashion and movies, to automobiles and history. The course was co-taught by art and social studies teacher through a mixture of supplementary art projects and in-class learning.

The American Pop Culture course is one of several new electives being offered at The Windsor School. Other classes include Critical Issues in Society (a course focused on studying global current events through art and oral presentations), Critical Issues in Law (a supplement to the Street Law course that focuses on prevalent issues in global law and involves several trips to the Federal Court Building in Kew Gardens), Journalism (which recently started a school newspaper and focused not only on writing, but also photography and the visual supplements needed for a publication), and Creative Writing (a supplement to the Journalism course that focuses on refining one’s voice and writing skills).

“We wanted to diversify our course offerings this year just to kind of make sure that we are covering all the interests of our students,” says James DeFeo, principal of The Windsor School. “The fact that we were able to integrate an art aspect into these classes is huge as well.”

The Windsor School is located at 37-02 Main St., Flushing. For more information, call 718-359-8300, email admin@thewindsorschool.com, or visit the Windsor School’s website.

Main Image: Ms Vasallo and Mr. Hall with students from the “American Pop Culture” class, standing proud in front of their recently completed bulletin board highlighting cultural advances made during the 20th century in America.
Courtesy The Windsor School

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