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Hit the Gym, Moms—and Look Great!

Hit the Gym, Moms—and Look Great!

Make your fitness routine easier to stick to with these workout-proof wonders.

Getting to the gym in the first place is an accomplishment. It’s not likely you’ll have time to go home and freshen up before hustling on to work, your kid’s playdate, to drive carpool. That’s where these workout-conquering beauty tools and expert tips come in. Try one or all, and keep moving beautifully through your days. 

1)    Start off with a style that won’t be a nuisance while working out, advises celebrity hairstylist Bill Murphy. He recommends a topknot as one option that elegantly transitions to your next stop. Slip hair into a foam hair donut (find at beauty supply and dance shops) and wind securely around into a bun. Keep in place with hair pins. Seal the style with hairspray. L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Hold Hairspray ($14.99) lives up to its name, keeping hair in place and out of your eyes. No sticky feel, though. 

2)    Powder foundation evens skin tone and absorbs oil, making it perfect for active days. We especially like Maybelline Better Skin Pressed Powder ($10.99). It covers as well as old-school liquid foundation, but leaves a super-sheer, shine-free finish behind. 

3)    You need a style that won’t slip, even in Zumba class. “My favorite style that lasts through a grueling workout yet looks nice afterward is braids,” says Nelson Vercher, a hairstylist at the Rita Hazan salon in NYC, whose clientele includes Britney Spears and Donatella Versace. Before pulling hair back into a pony, create one, two, or three braids. “These can be placed almost anywhere,” explains Vercher. “The more braids, the more texture you’ll have.” As you leave the gym, take out the pony, undo the braids and voila! A lovely, soft, wavy texture. 

4)    You can still move on to your kid’s theatrical debut at school if your lipstick, say, doesn’t make it through pilates. But if your deodorant gives out? Yikes. You may miss the curtain call. Clean up your act by tossing a pack of Pacifica Beauty Underarm Deodorant Wipes in your gym bag. They’re chemical-free and smell really good. Our favorite is Coconut Milk  & Sugared Flowers, shown. ($9,

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Christina Vercelletto


 Christina Vercelletto is a former editor at NYMetroParents, ParentingScholastic Parent & Child, and Woman’s Day. She lives on Long Island with her kids, a chiweenie, Pickles, and a 20-pound calico, Chub-Chub.

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