Books by Samantha McLeod Offer Insights of a Special Sibling


Samantha McLeod's trilogy of children's books document her experience growing up with, and learning to accept and love, a brother who has autism.

Samantha McLeod books on autism

When Samantha McLeod was 9 years old, she set out to make her 8-year-old autistic brother, Tyler, "normal." In doing so, McLeod learned a valuable lesson on acceptance and discovered what "normal" really means. She penned this humorous journey in her first book, Normal? McLeod has since published two more books inspired by her brother Tyler, My Brother is Not Special (Or is he?) and Good Day, Bad Day, reminding us all of the poignant insights children can have.

These award-winning books are used in classrooms across the country to teach tolerance and to educate children on differences. (All ages; $12.95;