Does Your Child Need Academic Assistance for the SATs?


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According to the United States Census Bureau, 52 percent of children ages 12-17 consider themselves "highly engaged" in school. This means the other half may need a little extra push when it comes to achieving academic success. Does your child need additional support to achieve success on standardized testing and in the classroom?


Does Your Child Need A Tutor To Achieve Success On Standardized Tests?In 2011 we reported that stressful school atomspheres can encourage cheating amongst students who feel pressure to succeed, and recent news of a cheating scandal at Styuvestant High School in Manhattan proves that we as parents and educators have yet to learn how to make children feel comfortable enough to ask for help rather than cheating when they don't understand material.

In the past we've covered what you need to know about the SATs and ACTs, how to prepare your children for the SATs, and ways in which you can use passions and hobbies as learning tools to make studying fun. But how do you know if your child needs help if they don't come to you and ask for it?

Revolution Prep, a test prep company determined to "transform education and provide the highest quality instruction to all students," has compiled 10 behaviors that parents can reference to determine if their child needs academic assistance. Look out for these signs and then work to help your child achieve his or her best on standardized tests and overall school performance.

10 Behaviors To Reference When Deciding If Your Child Needs Academic Assistance

1. Doing everything right, but still don’t understand. "I work hard and study, but I still can’t understand all of the concepts."

2. GPA driven. "I'm taking two AP classes next year and it's going to be a challenge to maintain my 3.8 GPA."

3. Study for tests, but don’t perform well. "No matter how much I cram or what approach I try, I struggle on tests."

4. Motivated to score better. "I've always gotten A’s and B’s, but I want to get straight A’s."

5. Extracurricular overload. "I'm so busy with sports, band, and other extracurriculars, I can't find time to do all the schoolwork I need to do."

6. Parental pressure. "I think I'm doing okay, but my parents want me to do better."

7. AP benchmark. "APs are coming up soon, and I need some help to make sure I get the score I want."

8. Trouble concentrating. "APs are coming up soon, and I need some help to make sure I get the score I want. I try to pay attention, but I find myself daydreaming in class."

9. Confused in the classroom. "The teacher explains things in a way I don't understand."

10. The university I want to be in has strict requirements for SAT/ACT scores. "I need to do great on the SAT/ACT to get into my first choice school, but didn’t make the minimum score on my PSAT or practice tests."

If after reading this list you believe your child could benefit from additional academic assistance, visit our directory of test prep and tutors in the New York and Connecticut areas, or visit Revolution Prep for more information.


Revolution Prep offers academic tutoring and test prep to every student that needs it in locations all over the country including Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey. You can follow them on Twitter at @RevolutionPrep or learn more about them at


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