Halloween Books for Your Kids: Making a Jack-O'-Lantern, Step by Step

Decorating a pumpkin is one of the most important parts about celebrating Halloween with your kids. From picking the perfect potential Jack-o-lantern from the pumpkin patch to carving your creepy or fun design, this book makes the process easy as (pumpkin) pie.


Making a Jack-o'-Lantern, Step by Step by J. Angelique Johnson takes readers on a journey with Elliot and his father from the pumpkin patch to Halloween night. Over the course of 27 pages, Dad and Elliot select, clean, prime, and perfect their jack-o-lantern. In addition to several tips and "did-you-know" style blurbs, the book has a back-of-book index and glossary of term for kids who want to learn more. Snag a copy of this fun and festive read at Amazon for $18.97 by clicking here.




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