Halloween Tricks for Kids


Who needs treats when they’ve got tricks like these?

Chills and Thrills: The Ultimate Anthology of the Mystical, Magical, Eerie and Uncanny, by Natasha Tabori Fried and Lena TaboriWhat playful child hasn’t wondered if he can really make his brother float in midair? Beyond the usual card tricks and sleight of hand illusions, the how-to for tricks like this one appear in the new book Chills and Thrills: The Ultimate Anthology of the Mystical, Magical, Eerie and Uncanny ($16.95), which is chock full of ghost stories, spells, legends, and lore to entertain your little ones this Halloween and beyond. It’s perfect for adding some spook to your child’s sleepover or simply as a fun family read (try narrating “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs around a candlelit table).

Here is a sneek peak at two of the tricks included in the book, excerpted below. Teach the kids how to master them, then put on a show this October 31!


The Phantom Message
Make words appear out of thin air in this trick that will give your audience goosebumps.

Before you perform the trick, prepare the magical note: Pour some lemon juice in a bowl and use it as “ink.” Dip a toothpick into the juice and write on a piece of white paper.

Keep the message spooky, such as: I AM HERE. I CAN SEE YOU BUT YOU WILL NEVER SEE ME.

In front of your audience, announce that you are holding a message from the beyond. Push down the handle on your toaster, and hold the paper over the warm air above it.

The writing will magically appear.


A Flying Egg
With a puff of breath, you can send an egg flying out of one glass and into another.

The secret of this trick is to use a hollow, lightweight egg. To prepare the egg, puncture a tiny hole on each end with a needle.  Stick the needle deep into one of the holes and move it around to break up the yolk.

Standing over a bowl or the sink, put your mouth over one of the holes and blow. Keep blowing, forcefully, until the egg has completely drained out the opposite hole. Then hold the egg under running water to rinse it out.

Place two short glasses side by side, and put the egg into one of them. Handle the egg as if it is heavier than it really is. Stand close to the glass holding the egg and blow along the inside wall, next to the egg. The egg will jump out and land into the other glass.

Excerpts from “Chills and Thrills: The Ultimate Anthology of the Mystical, Magical, Eerie, and Uncanny,” edited by Natasha Tabori Fried and Lena Tabori. Copyright © 2010 Welcome Books. Visit www.welcomebooks.com/chillsandthrills for more info.