Healthier Alternatives for Your Fourth of July Cookout


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The experts at BistroMD discuss healthier alternatives for your Fourth of July feast.


Fourth of July is just around the corner, and one of the experts at BistroMD, an industry leader in home diet delivery, is revealing ways to grill-out smart this holiday, without wrecking your weight loss goals.

Christy Shatlock, MS/RD, is a registered dietitian, and one of the lead dietitians for BistroMD.
"When it comes time to fire up the grill this Fourth of July, there are several different tips you can try to make your barbeque healthy, but still delicious," says Shatlock.
grilled chicken kebab with vegetables
Tip #1: If ribs are your favorite and a must-have at your barbeque, choose a "leaner" kind, or go with baby back. "Leaner ribs or baby back ribs have half the fat as regular ribs, are much lower in calories, and are higher in protein," says Shatlock.

Tip #2: When selecting barbeque sauce, choose a brand that is vinegar-based. "Many barbeque sauces are made with tons of brown sugar," says Shatlock. "A healthier alternative would be a vinegar-based sauce from North Carolina--half the fat, lower in calories, and less sugar."

Tip #3: At your holiday barbeque, eat slowly and fill up on healthy foods first.
"Salads are a great place to start because they contain high-moisture vegetables," says Shatlock. "These vegetables slow down digestion, help you feel satisfied, and will help you stay fuller, longer. Just be cautious of dressing and toppings. These can add calories quickly."

Tip #4: Instead of going for the biscuits, potato salad, macaroni salad or French fries, choose baked beans. "Although baked beans aren't considered a 'healthy' food, they are a much better alternative than some of these other foods," says Shatlock. "You can even make your baked beans a little more heart healthy by mixing them with a little diced onion, mustard, and a spoonful of molasses or brown sugar."

Tip #5:
If you are going to drink alcoholic beverages, stick with wine or light beer.
"Light beer and red wine contain half the calories as other drinks, and red wine is also heart healthy," says Shatlock. "Just don't drink too much, as the calories can start to quickly add up."
To make those healthier choices during the holidays a little less stressful, diet meal delivery from BistroMD can help with that.

"Our 7 day meal plan actually gives our clients the freedom to eat a meal of their choice on a designated night, called 'My Night,'" says Shatlock. "Since our meals are designed to retrain your metabolism to burn fat effectively, this freedom to choose your own meal won't hinder your weight loss, and our clients can actually enjoy holidays, like the Fourth of July, without the worry."


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