Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Dolls Galore


Check out our guide to 2009's hottest dolls to find the perfect companion for your little girl


Anna Sophia with Bubulina, Only Hearts Club dollName: Anna Sophia®

Why I'm Special: My friends and I are members of the Only Hearts ClubTM, and we're each special in our own way. I'm Hispanic-American, love to cook, and have a pet dog named Bubulina, who comes with me everywhere! I star in the storybook Two Smart Cookies (sold separately), which offers a positive message about following your heart and trying to do the right thing.

Recommended Ages: 5-10

How to Get Me: Find me in a Target store or at; $16.99.



Merry Little Christmas with Porcelain Lenox WendyName: Merry Little Christmas with Lenox Porcelain Wendy

What's Special About Me: I'm new to Madame Alexander and already a collector's item. I'm dressed for the holidays in my red jumper dress and black Mary Janes, and I come with a Lenox porcelain candy cane ornament for your tree!

Recommended Ages: Collector's item for ages 14 and up

How to Get Me: I'm only available at; $199.95.



First Day at Shiz Elphaba, Madame Alexander dollsName: First Day at Shiz Elphaba

Why I'm Special: I'm Elphaba, star of the hit Broadway show Wicked. I'm dressed in my signature blue jumper, crocheted beret, and glasses for my first day at Shiz University, where I'll meet First Day at Shiz Glinda and Madame Morrible - both of whom are also part of Madame Alexander's Broadway Dolls collection.

Recommended Ages: Collector's item for ages 14 and up

How to Get Me: Catch me before I fly away!; $84.95.



Dora Links dollName: Dora Links

Why I'm Special: Hola, amiga! Plug me into your computer to access an interactive online world where you can explore, play games, customize my look, and solve mysteries with me and my friends - the Dora's Explorer Girls! When we play offline, I'll keep you updated on all the new activities being added to Vamanos!

Recommended ages: 5-8

How to Get Me: Find me in Walmart, Target, and Toys "R" Us stores, or on; $49.97-$69.99.



Troop Groovy Girls Daisy Dinah dollName: Troop Groovy Girls Daisy Dinah

Why I'm Special: I'm Dinah, the newest member of Troop Groovy Girls, and I'm looking for a Girl Scout pal! I'm dressed in my Daisy girls' blue vest and sport a Girl Scout logo patch. I just love being a Girl Scout Daisy!

Recommended Ages: 3 and up

How to Get Me: Find me at or; $17.



Just One Kiss Princess Tiana doll, Disney's Princess and the FrogName: Just One Kiss Princess Tiana Doll

Why I'm Special: Hi, I'm Tiana, Disney's newest princess! I star in the new movie The Princess and the Frog, released in theaters this December. Take me home along with my frog prince, Naveen, and recreate the scene where Naveen asks me for a kiss - I'll respond with actual phrases from the movie.

Recommended Ages: 3 and up.

How to Get Me: Find me at; $25.99.



Baby Alive Real Surprises Baby dollName: Baby Alive Real Surprises Baby Doll

Why I'm Special: I need someone to feed me, change my diaper, and rock me to sleep. I can say 20 phrases - you'll know to change my diaper when I say "Uh-oh, I made a stinky!" Will you be my mommy?

Recommended Ages: 3 and up.

How to Get Me: Find me at or; $49.99.



Hannah Montana Quick Switch DollName: Hannah Montana Quick Switch Doll

Why I'm Special: I'm really two girls in one - with a quick spin of my hair, I change from Miley Stewart, average teen, to Hannah Montana, rockstar! Change my outfit to complete the transformation, just like in the Disney TV show Hannah Montana.

Recommended Ages: 6 and up

How to Get Me: Find me at; $24.99.



Twilight Edward and Bella Barbie dollsName: Twilight Edward and Bella Dolls by Barbie®

Why We're Special: We're vampire Edward Cullen and mortal Bella Swan, the star-crossed pair from the Twilight book and movie series. We both come dressed in outfits we wear in our second movie, New Moon, released this November.

Recommended Ages: 6 and up.

How to Get Us: We'll make appearances at and; $24.95 each.



Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Surprise Strawberry DollName: Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Surprise Strawberry Doll

Why I'm Special: You can brush my hair and add extensions, use my "magic" makeup pen, and glam me up with stickers and barrettes. I don't just look sweet, I smell sweet, too!

Recommended Ages: 4 and up

How to Get Me: Find me at Kmart, Walmart, or Toys "R" Us stores; or; $22.99.



70th Anniversary Madeline dollName: 70th Anniversary Madeline

Why I'm Special: I'm a limited edition doll for 2009, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the mischievous Madeline!

Recommended Ages: 3 and up

How to Get Me: I'll be online at; $30.



Little Mommy Walk and Giggle doll


Name: Little MommyTM Walk & GiggleTM

Why I'm Special: You teach me how to stand and walk on my own. I can also play peekaboo, drink from my bottle, and say 60 phrases, sounds, and songs.

Recommended Ages: 3-5

How to Get Me: Find me at or; $69.99.



50th Anniversary Barbie DollName: 50th Anniversary Barbie® Doll

Why I'm Special: In my sparkling gown and glamorous gold jewelry, I'm celebrating the 50th anniversary of all things Barbie®!

Recommended Ages: For the adult collector

How to Get Me: Find me at; $50.




Super Special Friend Kai Lan doll

Name: Super Special Friend Kai-Lan

Why I'm Special: I'm the star of the Nick Jr. show "Ni Hao, Kai-lan." Hold my hand and watch my heart light up with one of six colors - one for each of my emotions! Depending on my mood, I might ask you to hug me, dance with me, or make silly faces. I can say many of the signature phrases from my show and sing songs like "Friends Make Me Super Happy." Take me home and sing along with me!

Recommended Ages: 3 and up

How to Get Me: You can find me in a Target, Toys R Us, or Wal-Mart store, or online at,,; $39.99



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