5 Tips for Using Technology to Teach Children Philanthropy

Teach your children about philanthropy and doing good in the community using technology tools like the computer, smart phone, and tablet.

Does your child enjoy using the computer, your smart phone, or your tablet? These new tools not only provide entertainment, but also opportunities to teach children about giving back and making the world a better place.

Since kids today live in a "wired" world, parents have the chance to expose their children to philanthropy in a very modern way, using innovative tools and games that help connect the world together. Here are five ideas for how you can use these amazing tools to provide your kiddos a personal experience with charity.

  1. Connect with news sites online. 
    The Global Game ChangersNews stories are a great way to teach your child about different challenges that people encounter in their lives. Selecting a few, you can ask your child what they could do to help. Try to find stories with strong visuals, like videos or pictures, or a connection with an individual person.  They will provide a stronger impact and impetus for empathy.

  2. Visit charity websites.
    Here, you can show kids what different types of charities do, and how people can help. For example, you can show how people help at the American Red Cross by donating blood, at Goodwill by donating used clothes, and at a hometown shelter by serving food to people who are hungry.

  3. Take advantage of interactive games, web-based games, or game apps that show children how their contributions matter. 
    Check out freerice.com, which donates 10 grains of rice for every correct answer. Or try Wetopia together, a Facebook game where players collect “joy”, which translates into donations for various charities. Or download Raise the Village, an iPhone game similar to Farmville.

  4. Find other kids who are working with charities.
    Real-life examples of kids working around the world to make it a better place are proof that you don’t have to be a grown-up to do good things. The Global Game Changers book app features three real-life kids who have done what they can to make the world a better place!

  5. Encourage your child to use their talents and passions to make the world a better place and utilize the internet to get it done.
    There are many websites that allow you to start fundraising online for your favorite charity! Participate in a real-world event as a family, but show your kids how you can raise money from friends across the country by using online tools like raceraiser.com, for example, or the site related to your walk/run!

Using these simple ideas, you can show your children how the internet can spark interest and get them moving toward making the world a better place! 

Jan Helson is CEO of Pixel Entertainment and creator of The Global Game Changers brand. For more ways to educate your children about philanthropy, check out the Global Game Changers website: theglobalgamechangers.com. On it, kids have the opportunity to learn about different types of charities, tell their own stories of what they do to “Ignite Good,” learn about other kids and what they are doing to make the world a better place, play fun games, and even use their points to help The Global Game Changers Superhero Alliance decide where to donate money each month.