On The Blogroll: Dadding

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Blogging for Babble from various locations

The dad bloggers of Dadding are here to put all of those misconceptions about lazy fathers to rest. Proving post after post that dads truly rock, Cody, Whit, Serge, and Mike share their experiences with their families, and give us a very interesting look at the lives of your average dad. No topic is off the table, from changing diapers, to marital problems and successes, to movie reviews, to first family pets, these dads give you the rare opportunity of hearing the man’s side of things. The one motif throughout all of the blog posts is the overwhelming amount of love these men have for their children, and many of the posts act as a reflection for the dads; they make lists about what they love about their children and their favorite moments, giving you a special look into these children’s personalities.

With the large community of ‘mom blogs’ out there, it’s refreshing to hear a few of the men speak their minds on the subject of parenting as well. While most may assume that the blogs would consist of baseball stories, the blogs are more about those moments that all parents cherish with their children, and what they have learned from having kids. Whether you’re a mom or a dad, these blogs are sure to peak your interest and make you wish you could toss a ball in the yard for a bit with your own father.

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