Save 25 Percent on Color-Changing Shirts from Quagmire Kids


It's not your eyes playing tricks on you -- these Colorfusion shirts from Quagmire Kids change color when you apply heat, making them a treat to wear.

color changing t shirt

Our favorite in this color-changing clothing line is the ColorFusion jersey tee (100 percent cotton) in orange ($25;, which turns to yellow when heat is applied -- the perfect shade for fall and Halloween. The Fusion tee also comes in purple (changes to pink), green (turns to yellow), and blue (turns to white). Each shirt becomes a canvas for the wearer, allowing them to imprint their doodles (temporarily) -- whether it be a handprint or a game of tic-tac-toe -- simply by using their own body heat. Best of all (for parents), these shirts can be washed and dried just like any other cotton tee.

Get 25% Off!

Now through November 16, go to and enter code NYMetroParents at checkout to save 25% on any kids' Colorfusion product, including the Fusion, Groovy, and Wicked styles.