Snap Supercandy is a Low-Calorie, Natural Alternative for Your Sweet Tooth


SNAP Infusion Supercandy, which is made with natural ingredients and no artificial sugars or high-fructose corn syrup, introduced five new low-calorie candies to satisfy sweet tooths on Halloween and beyond.

Snap Supercandy

"SNAP Infusion was created for those who care about what they put in their bodies, but don't want to sacrifice all the good things in life," says Eric Stoll, CEO and founder of SNAP Infusion.

The new SNAP Infusion Supercandy is a low-calories alternative to traditional candy that includes no artificial sugars. Instead, it is infused with natural ingredients and patented SNAP beads that deliver the same sensation associated with traditional candy. Each candy is also loaded with B vitamins to boost energy, antioxidants to support the immune system, and electrolytes to balance hydration.

SNAP Supercandy varieties currently include SNAP Gum, Tart, Mel (short for caramel), Gummy, and Bean ($1.99 per pack;