Swimming and Tennis Lessons and Programs for Kids in Suffolk County, LI


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Your child can learn how to swim and play tennis with our guide to the best swimming classes and aquatics programs and tennis instruction for kids in Suffolk County, LI.



School of Fish Swim & Scuba
572 Rte 25A, Rocky Point

10% off mask, fins & snorkel equipment.

Splish Splash
2549 Splish Splash Drive, Calverton

Splish Splash has 96 exciting acres of total fun for the whole family. Everywhere you turn, you discover another one-of-a-kind water attraction. Year after year, families come here for a summer like no other! The Park offers a variety of water-based activities for all ages and all swim levels. Height restrictions are posted for all attractions and enforced. Children under age 12 should be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times, and children age 12 or older should be supervised by an adult familiar with the child’s swim level.



SPORTIME Tennis, Fitness & Multi-Sport
Several locations throughout Long Island


Does your child absolutely love sports? SPORTIME offers unique, year-round tennis, fitness and multi-sport programs for children and teens. This includes tennis, elite tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball and lacrosse, taught by well-trained and experienced coaches and tennis professionals. Inline skating and roller hockey classes are also available. Remember— instilling a love of sports in your children now will lead to a lifetime of health-enhancing fitness! Go to SportimeNY.com to find the perfect program for your child. Check out our amazing Summer Camps too!

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