On The Blogroll: Take 2 Mommy

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Bloggings From: Westchester, NY

Balancing work with family is a common struggle, especially among parents raising families in the New York area. In Take 2 Mommy, a once-corporate mother, Jennifer Gills, speaks up about the way motherhood trumped career the second time around. Leaving the business world of media services and ad agencies to pursue part-time marketing freelance work, this mommy wanted to spend more time with her children. She shares her house with two boys, a husband, a lovable pup, and a devilish kitten, and I can tell you that all members of this household provide countless laughs in the tales of Take 2 Mommy. Calling herself the “trouble-making mom,” Take 2 Mommy blogs to preserve the daily moments that prove her two sons inherited this mischief-seeking gene.

Blogging about being a working mom, how to get organized in the chaos of parenting, and employing healthy habits for parents and children who are on-the-go, Take 2 Mommy is the perfect resource for busy moms everywhere. An advocate for the vegetarian lifestyle, this veggie mama blogs about the reasoning behind her lifestyle change and how she gets her kids to eat vegetables.

She reviews and provides pictures of the family entertainment available in the Big Apple while various guest writers share their stories and findings in the city. Jennifer also blogs her adult-only experiences, explaining the importance of cutting-loose every now and then, even for moms. Take 2 Mommy reminds mothers of the importance in appreciating the fleeting little moments and to record every one. Covering topics like daddies who work too much, reaching the parenting breaking-point, and the allure of greener pastures, Take Two Mommy boldly admits that there are difficult trials that inevitably come along with being a stay-at-home mom but also points out the good outweighs the bad “ten-fold.” — Kara Faulk